Choosing One of the Best Teeth Whitening Treatments from a Dallas Cosmetic Dental Clinic

Are you tired of using whitening strips that never stick or poorly fit your teeth? Have you found the “guaranteed” whitening toothpastes purchased off the store shelf to be sadly lacking in measuring up to their radiant promises? Many dental patients who visit Lynn Dental Care in Dallas are unhappy with the color of their teeth and lack confidence in whitening procedures due to past results with non-professional whitening products. The key word is professional. Whitening treatments administered under the care of an experienced cosmetic dentist ensure a quality outcome. Lynn Dental Care is the best cosmetic dental clinic in the Dallas area.

Dr. Brock Lynn is highly experienced in professional teeth whitening, selecting premium products that have proven results by thousands of satisfied patients. Professional tooth whitening products are of a higher concentration that retail brands, which means they are more effective and dually formulated to provide utmost comfort and safety to protect your teeth and gums during the whitening process.

Additionally, patients receive their in-office and at-home teeth whitening treatments under the watchful eye of Dr. Lynn, who can ensure they do not over whiten and that the products are not causing tooth decalcification or gum irritation.

Both methods used by Dr. Lynn are delivered as a gel in custom fabricated mouth trays. This application ensures the product adequately coats the entire surface of each tooth and minimizes overage onto your gums or cheeks, lips or tongue.

KöR Deep Bleaching System advantages

KöR Deep Bleaching System is the utmost in combining in-office and at-home tray whitening. It is the go-to treatment for the most resistant stains, including those caused by tetracycline treatments and those of heavy coffee, tea, or wine consumers who continuously expose their teeth to dark, deep staining liquids.

Despite its powerful nature, KöR is one of the gentlest professional tooth whitening treatments, very few patients note any sensitivity. The unique chemical formulation of KöR actually re-strengthens enamel and makes it possible to whiten the teeth without causing demineralization. It is also a refrigerated product to optimize its effectiveness. Lynn Dental Care takes extraordinary quality measures to ensure the product is transported and delivered from the factory to our Dallas cosmetic dental clinic in climate-controlled refrigerated vehicles to maintain potency.

When using KöR, you will have an initial in-office treatment at our cosmetic dental clinic to clean your teeth and an agent applied to prepare your teeth for the bleaching solution. Then you will use custom-fitted trays at home over a two-week period and a follow up in-office whitening treatment, to lighten teeth up to 16 shades.

Opalescence Xtra Boost ® Whitening advantages

The Opalescence Xtra Boost ® Whitening agent is an in-office treatment that uses a special gel that is chemically formulated to whiten without requiring ultraviolet light activation, as with some other in-office whiteners. Recent research has found a potential link between light activated whitening and tooth pulp deterioration. The gel is infused with fluoride and potassium nitrate to strengthen your teeth against decay and help prevent sensitivity.

Boost Whitening is performed in the office in about one hour, and results are stunningly evident immediately after the appointment, usually lightening up to several shades whiter. Repeat treatments can be scheduled at your cosmetic dental clinic as desired to maintain a bright white smile.

Are you ready to get your teeth their whitest? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Lynn at our cosmetic dental clinic by calling us at 855-971-3010.

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