A smile is a powerful communication tool. In just seconds, it can speak volumes and form an impression that others will remember. Unfortunately, people with discolored or dull teeth may be sending the wrong signals. At the Lynn Dental Care cosmetic dental clinic, we want every patient to feel pride and confidence when smiling. We provide several options for teeth whitening at our practice in Dallas, Texas. A noninvasive, conservative whitening treatment can give patients of our cosmetic dental clinic the healthy looking, brilliant, youthful smiles that they want and deserve. Contact our Dallas office today to set up a consultation if you believe that discoloration and staining are detracting from the beauty of your smile.

Our Cosmetic Dental Clinic Provides Boost Teeth Whitening

You have many options for whitening your smile, including a variety of mouth rinses, toothpaste, and other over-the-counter products. However, the best results in the shortest length of time are achieved with professional products and techniques only found at cosmetic dental clinics.

At Lynn Dental Care, we offer the Ultradent Opalescence Xtra Boost® Whitening System, which delivers amazing results in under an hour. Opalescence Xtra Boost® is a powerful, peroxide-based gel that is placed on teeth individually to create a luminous smile.

Before beginning the procedure, one of our cosmetic dental clinic team members thoroughly cleans the teeth, so the bleaching agent can achieve full contact with the surface. The teeth are isolated, protecting the gums from potential irritation. When that is complete, the Opalescence Xtra Boost® gel is applied carefully to each tooth, ensuring natural-looking, even, and bright results. The gel remains on the teeth for 15 minutes, and this process is repeated twice more. The amazing results are visible immediately when this comfortable 45-minute session is complete.

Boost Your Smile with Lynn Dental Today

Do you want brighter, whiter teeth in just one visit? We want to help you enjoy the confidence that comes with a beautiful, sparkling smile. Call Lynn Dental Care at 855-594-2961 today and schedule your appointment.

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