What is the link between pancreatic cancer and dental health?

Studies have found positive associations between gum and bone disease and pancreatic cancer. In one study, men with a history of gum disease had a 63% higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer than those with no history of gum disease. People with chronic inflammation caused by gum disease harbor higher levels of harmful bacteria in the mouth and the gut. Over many years, this can lead to higher amounts of cancer-causing nitrosamines. If you have gum disease or have started to experience symptoms of gum disease, contact Lynn Dental Care to see how we can help.

What is Pancreatic Cancer?

Pancreatic cancer occurs when there is out-of-control cell growth in the pancreas. The cells continue dividing and form lumps called tumors, which interfere with the normal functioning of the pancreas.

  • 30,000 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the US every year.
  • The 5-year survival rate is less than 5%.
  • Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer-related death in the US.
  • The average life expectancy after diagnosis is just three to six months.
  • 94% of pancreatic cancer patients will die within 5 years of diagnosis.
  • 74% of pancreatic cancer patients die after the first year.
  • Unfortunately, treatment options are limited.

Pancreatic cancer is a devastating disease and it’s important to do everything you can to reduce your risk. Lynn Dental Care wants to give you the tools and knowledge you need to prevent and treat gum disease in order to lessen your chances of getting cancer.

What are My Options?

Unfortunately, there is no true cure for cancer, so it’s hard to know exactly what you can do to prevent it. That being said, you’re chances of cancer can possibly be curbed by taking good care of your overall health. Since the mouth is the gateway to the body, good overall health starts with your oral and dental care. Lynn Dental Care gives you options and plans for taking care of your teeth and gums. We can help you keep your mouth as healthy as possible.

Lynn Dental Care for Your Dental Health Needs

Dr. Lynn is a certified periodontist and is able to figure out what your gums need to be their healthiest. Don’t let your oral health deteriorate and open yourself up to other health issues. Contact Lynn Dental Care and we’ll get your oral health plan on track. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call or view the Lynn Dental Care website for more information.

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