Our Educational Videos

At Lynn Dental Care, we try to inform you in the best way possible. Our highly-trained staff takes the time to explain any procedures you might need. We believe that an informed and educated patient leaves our cosmetic dental office a more comfortable, healthier, and happier person. Our educational videos are an extension of this belief. Your comfort is second only to your health, and we believe the two are closely related. Your teeth play an important part in your overall well-being, and the better you take care of them the easier our jobs. If you have anxiety about any of our procedures, feel free to watch the videos or ask our staff about what we do. Do not neglect your health, educate and empower yourself instead.

Video Topics

For the time being, we have a few different educational topics for our videos. You can find information on the following dental procedures:

  • Cracked tooth syndrome
  • Sedation dentistry
    • Nitrous Oxide
    • IV Sedation
  • Temporary dental crown post operation instructions
  • Natural bit implant dentures
  • Metal-free fillings
  • Gum disease and your periodontist
  • Gum disease and cardio health
  • Dental crowns and root canal therapy
  • Dental implants

What Is Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Sedation Dentistry – NitrosOxide

Sedation Dentistry – IV Sedation

PostOp Instructions For A Temporary Crown

Natural Bit Implant Dentures

Metal Free Fillings

Gum Disease

Gum Disease Cardio Health Perio

Crown After Root Canal Therapy

Core Buildup Procedure

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

No one knows exactly how many people avoid seeing the dentist each year due to phobia and anxiety. Some experts reasonably estimate that more than 10% of Americans refuse to see the dentist because of fear. Bad experiences during previous dental visits at offices other than Lynn Dental Care may have caused this fear. Pain or feelings of helplessness may also play their parts in inducing stress and fear. Though they might desperately need oral surgery, dental crowns or other procedures, some people struggle to overcome this fear and avoid seeing a dentist for years.

Easing Your Mind at Lynn Dental Care

You may not find a cure for your dental anxiety at Lynn Dental Care, but we do everything we can to empower you with information. Understanding what we do and how it helps you might take some of the edge off of your fear or anxiety. Lynn Dental Care provides videos to educate anyone interested in visiting our Dallas cosmetic dentistry office. Whether you are anxious about visiting our office or you are just fascinated about what these procedures involve, these videos are a free resource for you.

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Take some time, watch the videos below, and get comfortable with what we do. Then go ahead and contact Lynn Dental Care for an appointment or just to talk about our dental procedures. We are always here to help, so try not to feel nervous!