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At Lynn Dental Care, we do our very best to make our patients’ time in our office pleasant and worthwhile. We do this in many ways. We provide educational videos on our website that prepare our guests. After watching, they have a better understanding of what their procedure might look like, and they have time to think about questions to ask Dr. Lynn. We, at Lynn Dental Care, also offer the latest, quickest, and safest methods for all forms of dentistry we offer. If you want to see for yourself, just compare us to other Dallas dentists, periodontists, and orthodontists.

Efficiency at Lynn Dental Care

One major convenience factor for all cosmetic dental offices, general dentistry offices, or even other medical facilities is the time spent waiting and the scheduling issues. Though these forms are necessary, they limit the convenience factor. At Lynn Dental Care, we know the stress that dental visits sometimes cause, and we want to limit that as much as possible. For this reason, we offer online patient forms.

Filling Out Your Patient Form

The staff, at Lynn Dental Care, knows many of you find these patient forms tedious, but this information is invaluable to us. Please make sure all information is correct, especially when it comes to any past medical history. We hope, by offering this form online, to lessen the time you spend in our lobby and office. The form takes about as much time to fill out as a paper form would in the office. When you submit your online form, however, the information goes straight to our database. Then, you can walk up to the Lynn Dental Care desk the day of your appointment, and we will already have all the necessary information.

Contact Us for Help

Don’t think because you are now filling out this form online in the comfort of your home or office that you cannot ask for any assistance. Sometimes the language and the questions on these forms confuse people, and that’s okay. Not everyone is a health professional. Never hesitate to contact us for help filling out this form or understanding dental procedures or new oral hygiene habits you have been recommended. We take pride in our job and our job depends on your understanding the value of what we recommend, for your teeth, for your gums, and for your smile. If you have any questions or concerns in the regards to oral health, contact us at Lynn Dental Care.