Extracting a tooth, saving a tooth, treating serious oral disease, healing damage caused by trauma, and addressing jawbone and tooth growth issues are all reasons that may cause your dentist to use the words, “oral surgery.” Perhaps, your dentist or primary care physician made a recommendation for you, or perhaps you’re on your own to find the best oral surgeon for your treatment. Here are a few things to consider when considering oral surgery in Dallas, TX:Experience: How many procedures has the oral surgeon completed? How often does he or she perform oral surgeries? Ideally, you want to choose a person who has a respected practice and many years of oral surgery experience.

Training: You should feel comfortable asking questions about the provider’s education, background, and knowledge of your specific treatment.

Your diagnosis and proposed treatment: If you have questions about why you need a particular oral surgery or how your diagnosis came to be, speak up. Ask the surgeon to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed treatment method as well as what other options might be available. Your provider should make you a part of the treatment discussion, and you should be comfortable with the decision.

Trust and rapport: Does the surgeon make you feel comfortable? Do you have a solid relationship? Does he have a good understanding of your medical and oral health history? An oral surgeon should take the time to get to know you. He and his team should be kind, respectful, and friendly. Some patients prefer to work with dentists who are skilled at oral surgery so that if they need a surgical treatment, they are familiar with the dentist and the team, and the office.

Scheduling and convenience: Do you have to make several trips between your dentist and the oral surgeon? Choose a provider who respects your time and keeps appointments running on schedule. Also, consider location and office hours.

Oral Surgery at Lynn Dental Care

Dr. Brock Lynn offers his patients oral surgical treatments in addition to typical dental procedures. If Dr. Lynn is your primary dentist, you can be confident that your oral surgery needs are in good hands. If you’re new to Lynn Dental Care, rest assured that all of your dental care needs can be covered by the same friendly and experienced team.

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