The field of dentistry is constantly changing. We see it in treatments for missing teeth, such as dentures, which are more natural looking now than ever before. We see changes in orthodontics with the growing popularity of clear braces. We also see it in the Periodontist field with gum disease treatment. Gum disease is quite common among adults. Caused by plaque and bacteria that grows under the gum line or between teeth where you simply can’t reach with a brush and dental floss, gum disease is often signaled by symptoms such as sore, red, swollen, or bleeding gums. There are various forms of gum disease ranging from mild, called gingivitis, to more severe, known as periodontitis, and periodontists like Dr. Lynn make it their job to help people with these diseases.

Although periodontists can treat gingivitis with non-invasive methods, such as deep cleaning and mouth rinse, the more advanced a person’s gum disease is, the more likely they may need to undergo oral surgery. Until recent years, gum surgery was the process of lifting the gums away from the teeth and bone, removing the plaque or infection, then suturing the gums tightly back into place. However, now Dr. Brock Lynn, the periodontist at Lynn Dental Care in Dallas, TX, offers his patients new technology with more comfort. He now uses laser gum surgery for periodontal disease. Using the laser device instead of incisions and stitches offers patients a gentle, less costly, and more efficient treatment.

Periodontist Care: Laser Gum Surgery

The laser treatment works by delivering an exact amount of light energy, using a small fiber that is inserted into the pocket between the teeth and the gums. The light reduces bacteria and removes infected tissue. The procedure also includes gently cleaning tartar from the root’s surface with small, specialized tools.

Each patient’s treatment is specific and customized to the individual. Some patients only need one session, while others may need to return for follow-up or repeat sessions to achieve the best results. Dr. Lynn and his team keep your comfort and wellness first and foremost as they perform the procedure. While the procedure is free of pain, a local anesthetic is often used to ensure that the patient stays comfortable.

If you have sore or bleeding gums or think you may have gum disease, don’t put off treatment hoping it will just go away. You need an experienced periodontist. Call the office of Lynn Dental Care today to schedule an appointment.

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