Periodontal disease impacts the smiles, health, and lives of nearly half of all Americans aged 30 or older. They experience bad breath and bleeding gums. Without treatment, teeth are lost. Eventually, jawbone also deteriorates. Traditionally, patients with periodontal disease had to undergo invasive surgery to remove diseased tissue and start on the path to healing. Today, Dr. Brock Lynn is a periodontist who believes in a progressive, pain-free alternative to patients in Dallas and the surrounding area—the FDA cleared PerioLase LANAP Procedure. Periodontal disease is the primary cause of adult tooth loss. It begins when a sticky biofilm called plaque coats the teeth. When plaque is not removed with proper oral hygiene, it traps food debris and feeds the multitude of bacteria inhabiting the mouth. Plaque hardens into tartar, which irritates gum tissue compromising the seal of gums to teeth. Gingivitis forms as gums become inflamed. Smoking and existing health conditions such as diabetes further contribute to gum disease. If you notice gum irritation, you may need to contact a periodontist.

Without care from a periodontist, this early stage progresses to the more serious periodontitis. Pockets form around the teeth, allowing the infection to push deeper. An effective plan of periodontal management starts with removing diseased gum tissues and ridding the pockets of bacterial infection. PerioLase takes the discomfort and apprehension out of that procedure and replaces it with predictable, effective results.

Periodontist Care: About Laser Gum surgery

LANAP is short for “laser-assisted new attachment procedure.” PerioLase is the Nd:YAG laser hand piece allows periodontists to precisely and selectively remove infected tissue from the pocket while sparing underlying connective tissue. Combined with a gentle but deep cleaning, PerioLase helps to eradicate bacteria and promotes faster healing. This protocol actually speeds regeneration of a healthy pocket seal. To the patient, that means no cutting, no sutures, and dramatically reduced recovery time.

Dr. Lynn and his dedicated team are passionate about bringing modern laser gum surgery techniques to Dallas. LANAP is simply a gentler, more effective method of managing periodontitis. He believes his patients deserve nothing less.

There is still much to be learned about the mouth-body connection. But we know that gum disease is linked to serious overall health issues including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature birth, Alzheimer’s, and other systemic disorders.

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Through progressive technologies like laser gum surgery, we are able to encourage our Dallas area patients to overcome fear of treatment and take this important step in achieving healthier mouths and bodies. Please call your local periodontist at Lynn Dental Care today at 855-971-3010 to schedule a gum disease evaluation.

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