Dallas dentists and cavities

Dallas Dentist: Don’t Ignore Cavities

Your Dallas Dentist Warns Against Ignoring a Cavity We’re all warned that neglecting to brush our teeth and maintaining good oral hygiene will lead to cavities, and we know that cavities lead to toothaches. But, what happens if you just ignore them? Your Dallas dentist can tell you that ignoring cavities leads to much more…

Lynn Dental Care and teething kids

Lynn Dental Care: Teething Guide

At Lynn Dental Care, the range of treatments we offer means we have a wide variety of experience with all kinds of dental issues. Whether you’re looking into orthodontics, seeking a Periodontist, need an Invisalign dentist, or just need a checkup, you’ll find it at Lynn Dental Care. But, a simple but challenging dental issue…


Lynn Dental Care: Common Tooth Issues

Common Tooth Problem Info from Lynn Dental Care As a premier dental office in the Dallas, Texas, area, we’ve seen a variety of tooth issues at Lynn Dental Care. Some tooth issues are fairly unique, while other issues are extremely common. Even if the issue seems minor, if left untreated it can become much worse.…


TMJ Treatment: Understanding the Jaw

Understanding the Jaw and TMJ Treatment Suffering from TMJ disorder is a serious issue. At Lynn Dental Care, the patients that come to our Dallas dentist office for TMJ treatment are searching for both answers and relief from the pain and discomfort caused by TMJ disorder. To truly understand the disorder and how TMJ treatment…


Lynn Dental Care: Fun Facts about Teeth

Tooth Fun Facts from Lynn Dental Care For most of us, teeth are an important part of everyday life that we might not think about all of the time. At Lynn Dental Care, we care a lot about teeth. As a premier provider of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services for the Dallas, Texas, area,…