A history of orthodontics

The History of Orthodontics

A Quick History of Orthodontics At Lynn Dental Care, we offer professional orthodontics and related treatments for misaligned teeth. As an Invisalign dentist, we know how self-conscious some people can be when it comes to orthodontics and wearing braces or a retainer. But with new innovations, braces are now lower-profile and more subtle than ever,…

Lynn Dental Care and denture history

Lynn Dental Care: History of Dentures

Lynn Dental Care Explores the History of Dentures We’re all familiar with traditional dentures, but how long have people been using substitutes for natural teeth that they’ve lost? At Lynn Dental Care, we’re all about modern innovation, and we offer dental implants as a modern alternative to more typical dentures. But, we also like to…

Oral surgery and wisdom tooth removal

Oral Surgery and Wisdom Tooth Removal

Oral Surgery: What to Expect From Wisdom Tooth Removal Wisdom tooth removal is an incredibly common type of oral surgery, but many people will still dread it when it comes time to lay back in their dentist’s chair. In the interest of keeping our patients informed, confident and calm, Lynn Dental Care wants to let…

Oral surgery and enamel erosion

Oral Surgery Advice: Enamel Erosion

Oral Surgery Advice: What Is Enamel Erosion? In a previous Lynn Dental Care blog, we looked at sensitive teeth and what some of the causes are. A few of these symptoms can lead to more serious complications that could result in needing oral surgery, one of which is enamel erosion. But what is enamel erosion?…

Dallas dentists and root infection

Dallas Dentist on Root Infection

A Dallas Dentist Explains Root Infection With the ailments that can come with poor oral hygiene, inattentive care after oral surgery, or sometimes just bad luck, it’s easy to get confused as to which one means what. When it comes to tooth root exposure, the major concern for most people is how much pain it…

Lynn Dental Care on sensitive teeth

Lynn Dental Care: Sensitive Teeth

Lynn Dental Care Explains Sensitive Teeth Do you often find yourself wincing in pain when you bite into something cold? Does spicy food sometimes assault your teeth with a searing, sudden pain? A huge number of the population suffers from sensitive teeth but few people actually think about why. Fortunately, Lynn Dental Care is here…

Dallas dentists and cavities

Dallas Dentist: Don’t Ignore Cavities

Your Dallas Dentist Warns Against Ignoring a Cavity We’re all warned that neglecting to brush our teeth and maintaining good oral hygiene will lead to cavities, and we know that cavities lead to toothaches. But, what happens if you just ignore them? Your Dallas dentist can tell you that ignoring cavities leads to much more…