Orthodontics Care: How to Clean Your Teeth with Braces

Orthodontics Home Care: Cleaning Your Braces

When you get braces or any form of orthodontics, you’ll need to be extra diligent about cleaning your teeth. It may take a little time to adjust to your new thorough routine, but it’s important to keep your braces and teeth as clean as possible to minimize issues. Today in the Lynn Dental Care blog, we’ll talk about proper orthodontics at-home cleaning and care.

Why the Extra Fuss?

You may be wondering why extra dental care is necessary when you have orthodontics installed. If you just brush and floss, won’t you be fine? It certainly helps, but you need to be careful and pay extra attention due to the brackets and wires on your teeth. It’s easy for food, plaque, and acids to attach themselves to your hardware and cause oral health issues for you. Luckily, with the proper routine, you can keep your hardware and your teeth clean.


Your brushing routine, if it’s already good, doesn’t need to change much. You’ll still brush your teeth for two minutes, making sure to break up your mouth into four quadrants, so you can get each section equally. You’ll want to get a soft-bristled toothbrush since it can work into the brackets better. It’s also recommended to get a fluoride toothpaste to better fight plaque. Remember, you only need to apply a gentle amount of pressure to get an effective clean. Also, if you’re able to brush after every meal, it helps to do so.


After your appointment to install your orthodontics, your orthodontist will likely give you a proxabrush to take home. This brush is shaped like a Christmas tree, and can easily get in between brackets. Cleaning each bracket with a proxabrush will ensure you remove any food debris.

Water Irrigation

You can also use an irrigation system to easily clean out brackets. These devices flush out your mouth with water, helping you to rid those hard to reach places of food and other debris. While this isn’t a replacement for brushing, it can certainly be used as a supplement.


Last, but not least we have flossing. It’s recommended to get a floss threader to help you floss with orthodontics. The threader will help you get the floss under the wire and between your teeth. Flossing is an essential part of any good oral care routine, so it’s especially important to not neglect it if you have braces.

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