Orthodontics Advice What to Expect When You Get Braces Put on

Orthodontics Advice What to Expect When You Get Braces Put on

It’s completely natural to be a little nervous about getting an orthodontics treatment like braces. There’s nothing to worry about though. The procedure doesn’t take long, is relatively pain-free, and is a huge step to having a healthy and beautiful smile! Today in the Lynn Dental Care blog, we’ll talk about what you can expect at your appointment to get your braces put on, so you can ease some of that anxiety you may be having.

What Happens During the Appointment

First, you’ll have your teeth cleaned to remove any tartar and plaque buildup. This way your teeth are as clean as possible under the brackets. After cleaning your teeth, the brackets will be attached with a bonding glue. The glue works as a cement between your teeth and the brackets, holding them in place. The archwire is then put into place, connecting all the brackets. Your orthodontist will ask if there are any areas where it feels sharp or is poking. They can then adjust those areas and smooth them out. This process usually takes a couple of hours at most. After you’re done, feel free to ask any questions about your orthodontics. Most of them will probably be answered in the reading material you’re given, but we’re happy to clear up any confusion while you’re here.


The process for putting orthodontics in is very simple, so shouldn’t be any complications or pain while putting them on. However, it’s very common to experience some soreness and pain in the week following. Your mouth is still getting used to having the braces in, and they braces have already started doing their job of moving your teeth into place. You may also experience some sores in your mouth, which is also common.

In the Days Following

Over the next few days, you’ll probably want to only eat soft foods. Also, you can take some pain medication like Ibuprofen on an as-needed basis. If any sores in your mouth or areas of your braces are bothering you, you can apply special wax made for orthodontics. This wax will create a barrier between your brackets and the sores in your mouth. You may also want to use an oral anesthetic like Orajel in areas that are particularly painful. After the first week or so, your mouth with gradually be used to braces, and will feel normal again.

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