Lynn Dental Care: History of Dentures

Lynn Dental Care Explores the History of Dentures

We’re all familiar with traditional dentures, but how long have people been using substitutes for natural teeth that they’ve lost? At Lynn Dental Care, we’re all about modern innovation, and we offer dental implants as a modern alternative to more typical dentures.

But, we also like to see just how far we’ve come! In this entry of the Lynn Dental Care blog, we’re looking back on a brief history of dentures. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a more natural-looking and stronger alternative to dentures, take a look at what your Dallas dentist has to offer.

The Early Years

Some of the earliest known examples of dentures date back as far as 700BC. In Northern Italy, dentures were created from animal or even human teeth. These types of dentures were easy and quick to make, and the supply wasn’t hard to come by. Unfortunately, they did present the problem of rapid deterioration. With no blood supply or physical attachment to the wearer’s gums, the teeth would quickly rot away and need to be replaced.

The (More) Modern Era

Using human and animal teeth remained the typical practice in the construction of dentures for an incredibly long time, simply because a viable alternative was never easy to come by. Limited materials and manufacturing ability meant that innovation was slow. Also, for many people, losing teeth was simply a common fact of life.

As with many early versions of modern conveniences, much of the change in how dentures were made came from the Industrial Revolution. In the 1800s, with sugar consumption increasing and causing more and more problems with cavities and tooth decay, ivory became a popular – though more expensive – alternative. In fact, George Washington’s teeth, commonly believed to be made entirely of wood, were made from a combination of hippopotamus ivory and human and animal teeth.

Throughout the 1800s, ivory and human teeth remained the most popular materials used for making dentures. It wasn’t until the mid-1800s that porcelain became more popular as a substitute for lost teeth.

The 1900s and Now

As our abilities to make and mold new materials improved, so did the manufacture of dentures. Acrylic resin and different types of plastic became more and more of the standard for dentures as the 1900s moved on.

Many of us are familiar with our grandparents’ old false teeth grinning from the bedside table, but, as Lynn Dental Care’s staff knows, the innovation in making dentures have never stopped. Dental implants, which had also existed from as far back as 600BC, also saw vast improvements, especially in the 1950s.

From the development of the first truly viable dental implants were developed by a Swedish researcher, and years of further tinkering saw them finally gain mainstream traction in the 1980s. Since then, implants have gotten better and better. They’re now a preferred alternative to typical dentures for many – as past patients of Lynn Dental Care will tell you.

Modern Treatment and Surgery at Lynn Dental Care

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