Lynn Dental Care Explains Tooth Fairy Traditions Around the Globe

Lynn Dental Care Fun Facts: Tooth Traditions Around the World

For a little kid, losing a baby tooth can sometimes be a bit scary. Many tooth traditions exist to give kids a reason to be excited about losing their tooth. In the United States and here at Lynn Dental Care, we’re familiar with the Tooth Fairy, but other parts of the world have different traditions. Today the Lynn Dental Care blog breaks down some of these awesome traditions!

Putting Your Tooth Under the Pillow

This is the one we’re most familiar with. You put your tooth under the pillow, the Tooth Fairy comes, and she leaves some money in exchange for the tooth. No wonder kids get so excited to lose their baby teeth! We’re not the only ones who put the tooth under the pillow though. This is a common tradition in Australia, Denmark, France, and Spain. France and Spain do it a little differently, though. Instead of the Tooth Fairy, it’s a mouse who comes and leaves coins in exchange for the tooth.

Throw Your Tooth

Not all countries expect someone to take their tooth away. They get rid of them on their own, by throwing them! They don’t just throw them for no reason, though. Kids in Japan throw their upper teeth on the ground and their lower teeth up on the roof. The idea is the new permanent tooth will grow in faster because it grows toward the old tooth. Kids in Egypt and other countries in the Middle East throw their tooth toward the sun.

Give it to an Animal

Many countries give their tooth to an animal. We already talked about the mouse taking the tooth from under the pillow, but that’s not the only animal. Kids in central Asia give their tooth to a dog so their tooth comes in strong like a dog’s tooth. In Brazil they give their tooth to a bird, hoping that it will bring them another one. The bird apparently won’t take a tooth with cavities though! In El Salvador, they hide their tooth to let a rabbit come take it.

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