Lynn Dental Care on Dental Health During Halloween

Lynn Dental Care and Halloween Dental Tips

Halloween, or the least favorite holiday of dentists everywhere, is coming up. We don’t want to ruin the party since Halloween is a ton of fun for kids! That doesn’t mean that we can’t encourage taking extra good care of teeth around this time of year. Today in the Lynn Dental Care blog, we’ll give you some Halloween tips that will help your Dallas dentist breathe a sigh of relief.

Make Sure You Stick to Your Routine

Kids will eat candy on Halloween. Even adults can’t help but sneak a few! We understand that, but it’s important to keep up with your everyday routine to minimize the impact these sugary treats have on teeth. Make sure to brush and floss in the morning and at night. Also, be sure not to have candy right before brushing, as brushing immediately after consuming candy can actually make it worse. Lynn Dental Care recommends limiting candy consumption to right around dinner time. The saliva from eating the meal will help to wash away the sugar and acids from the candy.

Eat and Drink Healthy

If you’re going to be having more sugary treats than you usually would, it makes sense for the rest of your food to be healthy. Having sugary drinks and unhealthy meals will just contribute to the plaque caused by the Halloween candy. Lynn Dental Care recommends having snacks like celery since they do double duty of helping clean teeth and have no sugar added. Also, drink plenty of water. Water helps to wash away the sugar and acids and keep saliva levels high.

Avoid Hard and Sticky Candies

The hard and sticky candies tend to be the worst for your teeth. Hard candies can cause cracks in your teeth if you try crunching down on them. Sticky candies also tend to stay in your teeth longer, letting the sugar and acid eat away at your teeth for longer stretches of time. Sour candies also tend to have high amounts of acid in them.

Give the Candy Away

Kids won’t want to hear this one, but there are plenty of charities that will donate your candy for a good cause. Lynn Dental Care advises giving kids an incentive to make this one a little easier. For instance, 50 pieces of candy are worth a new toy or new video game. This makes kids excited to give away their candy!

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We can’t stop anyone from eating candy on Halloween, but we can make sure their teeth are clean and healthy the rest of the year! Contact Lynn Dental Care today to schedule a cleaning or ask about our other dental care services.