Lynn Dental Care Breaks Down the Worst Food for Your Teeth

Lynn Dental Care Advice: Eat These Foods in Moderation

There are foods that are bad for your teeth, and then there are foods that are really really bad for your teeth. There are a lot of foods and drinks that your dentist warns you to stay away from, but these foods are especially damaging. Today in the Lynn Dental Care blog, we’ll be discussing these kinds of foods, some of which may surprise you.


This one won’t be surprising to anyone. We all know how bad soda can be for your dental health, and really, your health overall. The sugars and acid in soda break down enamel and cause plaque. Even diet soda without sugar contains teeth-harming acids. Also, all sodas dry out your mouth, meaning less saliva to help keep your mouth clean. Lynn Dental Care recommends cutting out soda consumption completely if possible, or at the very least limiting your consumption to a minimum.

Sour Candy

Most candies aren’t good for your teeth due to the sugar content, but sour candies are especially bad for you. Sour candies usually contain high amounts of acid that break down enamel. They’re also chewy, which causes them to stay on teeth for longer. If you’ve ever had a bag of sour candy, you probably noticed that the taste stays on your tongue for a long time. That’s the acids coating your mouth and damaging your teeth. Lynn Dental Care recommends fruit when craving something sweet. If it has to be candy, choose dark chocolate, which has health benefits and doesn’t stay on teeth long.

White Bread

This one may be surprising, but white bread is definitely not the best bread option for your teeth. While it’s not as bad as some of the other items on this list, it should still be avoided. White bread has added sugars and large amounts of starch that gets stuck in teeth, causing plaque and cavities. When choosing bread, choose a whole wheat or whole grain option, as these don’t typically contain the extra added sugars and are less refined.

Sports Drinks

Although they’re marketed as helping you recover from athletic activity, sports drinks really aren’t very good for your teeth. These drinks are loaded with sugar. While the electrolytes do help if you’ve been working out for long periods of time, they’re not necessarily beneficial enough to balance out the sugars you take in. Lynn Dental Care recommends getting your electrolytes through healthier options like coconut water and kale.

Choose Lynn Dental Care for Your Dental Needs

Lynn Dental Care recommends keeping your consumption of the above foods and drinks to an absolute minimum. Also, make sure to get your cleaning every six months to undo any damage done and take care of tartar buildup. For more information on our services, such as general dentistry, or to schedule an appointment, contact Lynn Dental Care today.