Dentures vs Implants: Dallas Dentist Decides

Dentures vs Full Implants – A Dallas Dentist Decides

In a previous Dallas dentist blog, we looked at a brief history of dentures. Towards the end, we saw that dental implants had been around as long as dentures, but took much longer to catch on. Does this make them less appealing than dentures? Are dentures a better choice? Your Dallas dentist at Lynn Dental Care looks at how traditional dentures match up against dental implants, and some things to think about if you’re thinking about undergoing oral surgery.


When it comes to cost, dentures are certainly the cheaper option. Dentures are overall easier to make and don’t require much in the way treatment other than taking an accurate mold of the inside of your mouth.

Dental implants, by comparison, require oral surgery to be performed at your Dallas dentist clinic to get them implanted and properly secure, which means they cost more – from the procedure itself to the materials that are used. But, while a smaller price tag is appealing, this is definitely a “you get what you pay for” situation, as you’ll find out when you read on.

How They Feel

By the nature of their design, dentures tend to feel pretty unnatural as substitutes for your original teeth. It’s extremely hard to accurately recreate the natural feel of teeth when they aren’t actually implanted into your gums and can be removed or even shift by themselves. With dentures, you also have the additional need for adhesives, and possibly creams to apply to avoid irritation.

By contrast, implants are essentially total replacements for your teeth. Being attached to your gums, and being made out of stronger material with a more secure base, means they feel just like your original teeth did.

How They Look

While there are options for dentures that look real enough to not obviously be dentures, they have the long-lasting downside of not supporting the shape of your jaw. Without teeth securely in place, you run the risk of losing more of your youthful facial structure, as your dentures don’t provide natural support.

Dental implants, on the other hand, do offer this support, since they act exactly like your natural teeth did. This means that not only is it not immediately obvious you’re wearing false teeth, but there won’t be any outward signs over time.

Maintenance and Care

Dentures are fairly simple to take care of, but you’ll still need to remove them in order to do it. You might also have to cut out certain foods and even activities in order to preserve their condition and avoid damage.

Your dentures will eventually need to be totally replaced, and more frequently realigned to keep up with the changing shape of your jaw. With implants, your Dallas dentist will ensure that you get a long-lasting solution that requires much less maintenance. The strength and natural look and feel of implants far outweigh the cheaper cost of dentures.

Visit Your Dallas Dentist For Dental Implants

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