Dallas Cosmetic Dentistry: Why do Teeth Yellow?

Dallas Cosmetic Dentistry Advice: Explaining How Teeth Get Yellow

Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly used services at our Dallas cosmetic dentistry clinic. Everyone wants to have a beautiful, white smile, so this comes as no surprise. This is especially the case if your teeth have yellowed. After teeth whitening services, our clients often wonder why their teeth yellowed in the first place. There isn’t really one answer to this, as the culprit could be a number of things. Today in our Dallas cosmetic dentistry blog, Lynn Dental Care takes a look at the reason teeth become yellow.

You’re Not Taking Proper Care of Your Teeth

First, we’ll look at one of the most obvious reasons. If you’re not taking proper care of your teeth, they can become discolored. You should be following an oral health routine twice a day that consists of brushing and flossing. Also, the dentin beneath your enamel is a yellow color. If your enamel becomes thinner because of lack of care, the dentin will show through easier, causing a yellow appearance. Of course, yellowing teeth are the least of your worries if you neglect your dental routine. Not brushing and flossing every day can lead to much more serious oral health issues further down the line.

Foods, Drinks, and Tobacco

Certain foods like tomatoes and berries can stain teeth. Coffee, tea, and wine are also common contributors to teeth staining. These foods and drinks pale in comparison to the amount of staining that tobacco products can cause. Smoking, in particular, can leave significant yellow staining on your teeth. There are a wide variety of reasons to quit smoking, and this is just one of them. Remember, even if you get a whitening procedure at our Dallas cosmetic dentistry clinic, it’s not permanent. Continuing to smoke will lead to your teeth becoming yellow again.


Unfortunately, it’s not always the patient’s fault that they have yellow teeth. Sometimes it just runs in the family. If this is the case, you can greatly benefit from whitening treatments at our Dallas cosmetic dentistry clinic. We can’t change your genes, but we can certainly change the appearance of your teeth!

Lynn Dental Care is Your Dallas Cosmetic Dentistry Provider

If you’re in need of whitening or any other cosmetic dental treatment, choose Lynn Dental Care. We can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Remember, although the whitening treatments at our Dallas cosmetic dentistry clinic are very effective, it’s up to you to stick to a good dental routine and avoid stain contributors after treatment. Contact Lynn Dental Care today to schedule a teeth whitening or for any of your other dental health needs!