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Lynn Dental Care provides cosmetic dentistry for anyone in the Dallas metropolitan area. Our Dallas cosmetic dentistry office is conveniently located just north of the city center on Lyndon B Johnson Freeway. Dr. Brock Lynn has served as a Dallas dentist for more than 35 years. He has dedicated most of his life to providing his patients and guests with the newest, best, and most efficient dental care at his Dallas cosmetic dentistry office.

Who We Are

Dr. Brock Lynn

Though Dr. Lynn graduated from Baylor in 1980, this did not signal an end to his education. With a strong belief in empowering oneself through education, Dr. Lynn continues to learn and advance new techniques and technologies at his Dallas cosmetic dentistry office. He returned to the Baylor College of Dentistry in 1989, where he studied gum disease, oral medicine, and implant dentistry. In 1990, he became a certified periodontist. Dr. Lynn’s experience allows him to provide many different oral treatments, so he can reasonably decide which dental procedure is best for you without a conflict of interest.

The Team

Renee, the Practice Manager of our Dallas cosmetic dentistry office, spent years as a restaurant manager before entering the dental community in 2009. She has worked in each area of our office and has a passion for oral health.

Shauna, our Doctor Coordinator, grew up in Denton, Texas. Her dental experience dates back to 2008. She believes in the benefits of oral health care on patients’ self-esteem and lifestyle.

Registered Dental Hygienists & Assistants

Jamie, one of our Dental Hygienists, has provided stellar dental hygiene care since 1990. She has extensive experience in sedation dentistry and dental lasers. Advanced Hygiene Concepts has depended on her consultations for more than a decade.

Laurie, our other Dental Hygienist, began working in dental hygiene 18 years ago. She has 11 years of experience in general practice dentistry and 7 years of experience in a periodontist office. She is a huge proponent of advancing cosmetic dentistry with the latest technology.

Liana, one of our Dental Assistants,

Morgan, our other Dental Assistant,

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Now that you know a bit about us, let us know a bit about you! We are a well rounded Dallas cosmetic dentistry office, and we can provide you with the oral health care you need. If you need orthodontic care, periodontal care, cosmetic dental care, or just general dental care, contact Lynn Dental Care below by filling out the form.


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